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We completed a fully functional, refrigerated, and air conditioned bee storage facility at our shop in Blackfoot, Idaho. This facility allows us to offer storage for 18,000 hives. Where early storage will require refrigeration, we have a 500 kw backup generator on site to supply power if local service goes down.  

For those that don't need to arrive quite so early, we have additional buildings lined up to begin receiving bees on November 10th.  Each of these buildings will be equipped with a power interrupt alarm so we will know if a fan turns off and a frequency drive to run the fans at the right speed for best air movement.

We are excited to offer early storage with two rates:


$13.00/hive for early storage to address utility costs.


$10.50/hive for those received after November 10th.

If you have any questions please call:


Jay - (208)681-2348

Brody - (208)680-2387

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